How does ChatGPT affects the mobile cocktail making

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How does ChatGPT Affects Mobile Cocktail Making?

Mobile Cocktail Making and ChatGTP – Firstly what is ChatGPT ?

Mobile Cocktail making using chatGPT and AI ? ChatGPT, stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a large language model-based chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched on November 30, 2022, which enables users to refine and steer a conversation towards a desired length, format, style, level of detail, and language


chatGPT cocktail making


AI-Generated Cocktails could be the near future

The ‘Humans vs. Machines’ menu at Houston’s Axelrad puts AI-generated drinks to the test

By Kate Dingwall Updated on March 9, 2023

  • Mobile Cocktail making 
  • Cocktails made with a touch of a single button
  • Drinks ordered from a tablet 
  • Drinks ordered via apps

At the moment we exist in a world with NFT whiskeys, blockchain bourbons, and cocktails. I like to make one of my signature consisting in Dark rum, bitters, fresh lime juice, strawberry puree and top up with ginger beer.

The Houston’s Axelrad bar has released a new menu of AI-generated drinks, all fully conceived by ChatGPT, an AI language generator. The ‘Humans vs. Machines’ menu will pit these four bot-made beverages up against four similar drinks made by flesh-and-bone bartenders. “I’ve seen ChatGPT being used in a lot of different fields and we thought, could it create a cocktail?” says owner Adam Brackman. “It’s passed medical exams, it’s passed the bar — why not see what it can do behind a bar?”

Altough my question is.. can ChatGPT influence the mobile cocktail making events? or can it influence a mobile bar hire service? Here at Private Bartender Hire company we provide mobile bar services from bartenders for hire, to cocktail making classes, to wedding bar services and lately we also provide Dj services for our clients across the UK. From corporate events in London to house parties and to large weddings in the opened field we can cater for all size of events.

I do believe that the future is all AI and everything will be at the touch of a button.. ie press play and you will learn how to make cocktails at home or press a button and order via Delivero your favourite cocktail at home.



I went on taking ChatGPT and tested out myself. I wanted to create a spicy mocktail and the AI came up with a sweet and sour option with mango nectar,  fresh lime juice and peach syrup… all of these were using a build method using a long highball glass with lots of cubbed ice and topped up with sparkling water and why not make it look pretty by adding some edible flowers as a garnish.

I then also went and tried a more summery drink to keep us cool throughout the hot summer and ChatGPT made a slushie with dark rum, fresh lime juice, strawberry puree and topped up with ginger beer. At this stage ChatGPT’s is working pretty good if I may say!

My conclusion in ChatGTP and AI  in cocktail making is tha it did take some refining to get ChatGPT’s recipes to a drinkable state. I’ve realised that it does lack of some creativity or inspiration. One of the biggest downside is that you miss that human communication or even touch.

And while some are threatened by ChatGPT’s infiltration, we are confident that AI will never replace true, in-person hospitality.  “People love to go to pubs and restaurants to meet friends and interact with them.

So if you’re planning to have an event that requires a mobile bar service or if perhaps your planning your big day and would need a bar package for your wedding or even perhaps your planning a team building event and your looking for a fun and interactive cocktail making then do get in touch with us @ Private Bartender by sending us an email @ or if easier give us a call on 07427639368 to see how we can help !


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