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Mobile Bar Hire Most popular bar service in 2019

Mobile Bar Hire most popular bar service in 2019 It’s been a year full of events and thousands of cocktails served all across the UK. We have delivered complete cocktail bar packages for weddings and large corporate events as well as professional cocktail bartenders and mixologists for private parties such as house parties.

cocktail making classes

2019 has also been the year where we have provided hundreds of Cocktail making classes all over the UK. Being a mobile bar hire company we have been able to travel to some of the most incredible locations such as Lake District up North or to the beautiful wild Scotland.

Cocktail Bar Hire popular for Corporate Events

The  year 2019 has also been an year where our regular clients have been in touch to help with their events. We have been supplying complete cocktail bar packages and created bespoke cocktail menus. Our clients have had great feedback from their clients and said the pop-up bars where an exceptional idea.

Lastly but not least I would like to say that we have been very lucky to work a team of professional cocktail bartenders and flair bartenders all across UK.

Our Flair Bartenders have been wowing our guests with their bottle throwing and flair performances at all kinds of events. From private functions to wedding ceremonies and much more..

Mobile Cocktail Bartenders providing exquisite cocktails

Mobile Bar Hire London

For the year 2019 we have shaken and stirred thousands of cocktails and alcohol free drinks at various events such as private parties, weddings and corporate functions. We are very grateful to work with a fantastic team of professionals and passionate mixologists all across the UK.

Alcohol free cocktails have been a huge demand last year for private parties. We have been shaking drinks and allowed our customers not to miss out on the experience.

What’s in store for 2020? 

Well we are super excited for this year to began. We have signed up a partnership with a corporate client where we will have to provide cocktail masterclasses for a large events company. I’m over the moon and we cannot wait to showcase our cocktail making skills.

Plus we also look forward working again with our regular clients providing every time a stress free cocktail bar solutions.

For more informations about our cocktail bar services or if you’re planning a party and want some help, then please do get in touch with us to see how we can make your event into a memorable one.

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