Hire a Bartender for a House Party

Hire a bartender for a house party
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Hire a Bartender for a House Party & Cocktail Staff


Hire a Bartender for a House Party and entertain your guests, with some tasty drinks made by our professional staff in the comfort of your home.

Here at Private Bartender Hire company, we proudly provide complete cocktail bar services for you and your guests leaving you with nothing to worry.

Why private bartenders have become a trend nowadays ?


Who doesn’t want to have their own personal mixologist, in the heart of their living room or kitchen ?

When Bartenders are booked, they bring a dose of fun and light to the party. According to some of our latest reviews, our bartenders are being described as the ‘soul of the party’.

Imagine seeing a cocktail brought to life in front of your eyes! From the moment we turn up on your door, we bring all the ingredients, mobile bar and correct glassware. We set up in no-time and we’re ready to create some beautiful cocktails in front of you.

Guests are mesmerised and wowed by our professionals! Imagine their excitement, when they see a Flair bartender- demonstrating their skills throwing and spinning bottles just like Tom Cruise, only in better fashion!


Dry Hire service – hire a bartender 


This option consists of  you providing all the ingredients, all the mixers, all the glassware, ice and garnishes. Leaving us to provide ONLY the cocktail staff.

All of our cocktail bartenders have their own professional cocktail kit. They will come uniformed in smart black.

When booking this service you will need to take into consideration, how much alcohol you will need. How many drinks you wish to allocate per person, and most importantly how much ice you would require.

This is where Private Bartender steps in and is happy to help. We provide you with a full and detailed shopping list, including the quantities as well other items necessary for your drinks.

From Private Bartender Hire company we also hire out glassware and mobile bars. If you think you need any of these extra services, drop us an email and we will be in touch to see how we can help with your party.

If  you’re curious and want to see why Bartenders are now becoming a trend, then why not book our services and let us showcase our cocktail skills right in front of your eyes.


For bookings and enquiries please get in touch @ hireaprivatebartender@gmail.com.




Private Bartender
Private Bartender


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