1. What services do you provide?

Private Bartender offer mobile bar hire and a selection of cocktail bar packages, ranging in price. We also specialise in our very own fun & interactive Cocktail Masterclasses! All teamed with our professional and knowledgable cocktail staff! We accommodate everything from corporate events, team building events, house parties, weddings, charities events and much more.

2. Where are you based? What areas do you cover ?

Our office is based in Ascot. We operate nationwide and Europe. We have covered international events and have worked with some of the best mixologists across the UK!

3. How much free service time do I get with the packages - SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM?

When booking any of our packages, the great news is the mixologist, all the glassware and service time is included FREE of charge! Something other companies will charge you extra for. With the Silver package you get two hours of service. With the Gold package you get up to three hours of service With the Platinum package you get up to four hours of service.

4. How much space do you need for your bars?

Our mobile bars come varied in different sizes. This can also depend on the type of event you have. To this date, we’ve set up in kitchens, living rooms, conservatories! We try and utilise the space the best we can, depending on which package you select.

5. Do you require power or water ?

We only require a source of power when the client books our LED mobile bar. A point for water, such as kitchen tap or outside tap (in the event we are located outside) is always welcomed for our wash buckets.

6. Do you do alcohol free cocktails?

Yes we do!! Mocktails are being requested more frequently & we are able to tailor some of our recipes, making them non alcoholic!

7. When I book only a bartender, will you send me a shopping list?

Yes we will !! We work with you from the first stage of the booking, up until the day of your event. Based on the drinks of your choice, we will send you a detailed shopping list along with links for any ingredients that you are unable to source from your supermarket.

8. What equipment do I need to supply when I book only a bartender?

Our cocktail bartenders will come with their own cocktail and mixing kit! You will need to provide all the ingredients along with all the glassware, a few bowls for the garnishes, a rubbish bin behind the bar/work area and lastly and most important ice.. LOTS of ICE !

9. What equipment do I need to provide when I book a package ?

Absolutely nothing !! We provide everything you would need from all the ingredients and mixers along with all the correct glassware and bar equipment! This leaves you with less stress and more time to focus on your guests 🙂

10. How long does it takes you to set up?

The general set up of the bar with all the glassware in place and preparations of the garnishes takes us between 30mins-45mins. With larger events, we will always arrive 2hours prior to the designated start time. Our setting up & clearance time is FREE OF CHARGE!

11. What spirits and mixers do you use?

We source all our ingredients from a regular supplier, who provide us with premuim to high end brands. Our garnishes always fresh!

12. What happens if I choose a package and my drinks are run out?

Nothing to worry about! In the event your drinks run out, simply speak to your bartender on the night and order some more as we always make sure we carry extra stock with us! The extra payment can also be settled with your bartender.

13. What deposit do you need?

With all our bookings, we only require a small deposit of £50. In the event of a cancelation, please note that this is unfortunately NON-REFUNDABLE.

14. How do you take payment?

Once the booking is confirmed, we will send you an invoice where you can easily do a bank transfer using your booking reference. The payment must be made in full seven days prior to the event day. For extra services on the day of the event, this can be paid with your debit or credit card as we have a portable card machine.

15. Do you charge VAT?

The answer is No! When we send out a quote, it will state at the bottom that prices are final and includes everything!

16. Can you provide a risk assessment file ?

Yes we can ! And we have done this for the past years, with our corporate clients. If you think you require one, please let us know at least one week prior to your event and one of our team members will guide you through.

17. Are you insured ?

ABSOLUTELY YES !! Our company is fully insured. Our public liability insurance can also be sent to you on request.


As a company, we take great pride and responsibility with all of our bookings. All our staff are professional and reliable. Our passion displayed for creating delicious cocktails and a memorable service are paramount. This is shown through the excellent feedback we receive! Mario, Founder of Private Bartender displays great knowledge & is extremely passionate about every event that comes his way. He injects his personal touch, showing this is more than just a job to him. With hundreds of events and thousands of cocktails being made throughout the UK- we are able to bring a dose of fun, excitement & most importantly something unique to your party! Please watch out for companies that outsource the work to public forums – this means that the company you go with may not know the bartender(s), and therefore they can’t vouch for their abilities, punctuality or even their experience and appearance! If a company pressures you into paying now, or bombards you with emails and texts without giving you a chance to look around, then proceed with care. We hope all of the above gives you an idea of what and what to do next. If you have any other questions or need more informations please feel free to email us @ hireaprivatebartender@gmail.com