A glimpse into the world of Private Bartender.

Private Bartender was founded by our Director Mario in 2010, where his journey began 12 years ago as a Flair bartender. His natural raw talent, led him to compete in numerous competitions, all over the world. It was here, he formulated a love for mixology and his passion & desire for producing not only delicious cocktails but a unique knack for executing and planning the perfect event. His passion for music has also lead him to build and grow his signature tracks and also establishing a name in the music industry.

Shake Up Your Party with a Mobile Bar Magic from Private Bartender

Are you tired of the same old party routine? Are you looking for a way to add some excitement and pizzazz to your next event? Look no further! Mobile bar magic is here to transform your party and elevate your celebration to new heights. With expert mixologists on wheels and a fully equipped bar that comes to you, your guests will be in for a treat. Get ready to shake things up and wow your friends with the ultimate party experience!


In the past decade we have prided ourselves in providing complete bar packages, consisting of:

  • Mobile pop-up Bars
  • Mobile Cocktail Masterclasses
  • Cocktail Bartenders & Mixologists
  • Flair Bartenders
  • Waiting staff
  • Bar Consultancy
  • Standard Bar man

Hire a Private Bartender is suitable for all special occasions including Corporate Events/Functions, House parties, Weddings, Hen Parties and much more!

In the past decade we have prided ourselves in providing complete bar packages, consisting of:

Private Bartender Delivering Cocktails Nationwide

Our friendly and professional team deliver exceptional service from start to finish, no matter your location. Our portable bars can be set up in open fields, marquees, small venues & can be adaptable to any space. All our staff are dedicated and work within a high standard in providing you with a unique memorable cocktail experience.

Private Bartender Delivering Cocktails Nationwide