Hire a Professional Mixologist

Professional Mixologists for Hire

Quite often, a great bartender is the life and soul of the party! All the time they’re shaking up delicious martinis, sour or sweet cocktails, and serving up cold beer- your guests will be loving the bartender all night! Don’t let the drinks run dry! Hire a barman who has knowledgeable cocktail experience for your wedding reception, house party, hen party, private party, or corporate event.
If you’re planning a house party, why not hire a bartender and let us take care of your drinks from start to finish. We excel in providing bartenders for hire, cocktail bartenders for hire, mixologists for hire, flair bartenders for hire and standard bartenders for hire available all across UK.
Want to spice up the evening? If you’re looking for something different, guaranteed to cause extra excitement- book one of our Flair Bartenders! They will be sure to impress your guests with their performance, whilst creating your drink. Let the professionals handle the service, so you can enjoy the event!
When you choose to hire a cocktail waiter or a professional flair bartender, you know for sure that you will be in for a treat! If you’re planning a house party, why not hire a bartender for a house party and let us take care of your drinks from start to finish. We excel in providing bartenders for hire, cocktail bartenders for hire, mixologists for hire, flair bartenders for hire and standard bartenders for hire available all across UK.

Hire a Mixologist

Are you tired of throwing the same old parties with predictable drink options? It’s time to add a dash of excitement and a splash of creativity to your next celebration! Hiring a stellar bartender can elevate your party experience to new heights, leaving your guests amazed and craving for more. From mixology magic to personalized concoctions, a professional bartender can take your event from ordinary to extraordinary! From the classic Pina Colada to the Strawberry Daiquiri, we have it covered!! Our staff are also able to concoct exciting variations of the traditional cocktails, as well as creating some of their own. There’s no recipe too difficult for our mixologists, when it comes to designing and bringing to life the right cocktail for you.
Simple or complex, sweet or sour, classic or contemporary – whatever your wishes are our trained Cocktail staff will create exquisite drinks that will have you talking for days! Our dedicated & enthusiastic Mixologists will work the bar with energy and charisma. Serving up delicious drinks for you to devour!
Refreshing drinks of your choice, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, their knowledge of the beverage industry will leave you impressed! From an exotic cocktail, a glass of bubbly or a crisp wine to a cold beer, our bartenders will have you coming back for more!

Hire a Flair Bartender - Tom Cruise style

Our Flair Bartenders are expert in showcasing what can only be described as a great passion & talent, for a new style of bartending. Guaranteed to give that WOW factor to your event, leaving your guests mesmerised!
Whilst they create delicious cocktails for you and your guests, our Flair experts will entertain them juggling bottles, performing complicated routines, involving fire & air tricks! Leaving your guests astounded & impressed with their skills.
They can be booked to provide various kinds of bar tricks whilst serving drinks, or alternatively if you would like a Flair Show performance at your wedding or a demonstration that can be arranged for you as well.
Raise Your Glass to an Unforgettable Party Experience!
Gone are the days of boring, lackluster parties where guests linger around the same old bar setups. With a stellar bartender at your service, you can say goodbye to the predictable and hello to an unforgettable celebration! These skilled experts are not just your average drink pourers; they are masters of their craft, artists who can turn any gathering into a vibrant and engaging experience.
Private Bartender also provides the simple bar-man that will serve your wine, beer and Prosecco at your event. They are able to operate a bar, leaving you with nothing to worry. Each of our barman for hire, are available all across the UK. We’ve supplied staff for countless events, with great success! Our team are dedicated to a high standard & will work effortlessly to make sure everything runs smooth for you.
Imagine your guests being greeted with a flair of showmanship as the bartender skill-fully juggles bottles and shakers, effortlessly creating visually stunning cocktails that are as mesmerising to watch as they are delicious to drink. With their extensive knowledge of mixology, they can whip up signature drinks tailored to your event’s theme or even craft unique creations based on your guests’ preferences. The possibilities are endless, and the experience is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

Mixology Magic: Elevate Your Celebration with a Stellar Bartender!

A stellar bartender is not just about flashy tricks and eye-catching presentations; they have an extensive understanding of flavours and the art of mixology. From classic cocktails to modern inventions, these skilled professionals can create a drink menu that will tantalise even the most discerning taste buds.
Whether you’re celebration calls for refreshing mojitos, sophisticated martinis, or innovative mocktails, a stellar bartender will ensure that every drink is crafted with precision and expertise. They will confidently guide your guests through a world of flavours, offering suggestions and recommendations based on individual preferences. With their passion for mixology and attention to detail, you can trust that every sip will be a delightful experience, leaving your guests amazed by the complexity and balance of each beverage.

Hire a Mixologist for Your Next Event

So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Hiring a stellar bartender is the secret ingredient to taking your celebrations to the next level. From jaw-dropping presentations to delectable libations, these talented professionals will create a party experience that will be talked about long after the last glass is emptied.
So raise your glass and toast to a celebration that will be remembered as the talk of the town. Transform your event into a mixology masterpiece by hiring a stellar bartender. Prepare for an unforgettable experience where every drink is a work of art, and your guests are left in awe. Don’t wait; start planning your next extraordinary celebration today!
Our team of waiters and waitresses deliver a sophisticated tray service for any style of event. Ranging from high-end corporate functions to private events, within a guest’s home. The staff work to an exact brief and their attire can be tailored to suit nearly any environment or theme. We aim to provide a service with professionalism, friendliness and efficiency so you are able to focus on your guests.
Hire waiting staff for private house parties, birthday parties, corporate or product launches in Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Devon Bath, Brighton, London and surrounding. Our events team is always at hand to help and we’ll work closely with you to make your party a memorable one.
If you’re planning an event and you need to hire a bartender or a complete cocktail bar package then get in touch to see how we can help planning your party.